Calistoga’s Lighted Tractor Parade Dec. 4, 2010


Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade. Photo credit: Chick Harrity

One of the joys of visiting Calistoga during the holiday season is the family-friendly Lighted Tractor Parade. The 15th annual edition of this charming event is scheduled for December 4, 2010, starting at 7 p.m. and offers the ultimate small-town Christmas experience.

It’s an invigorating experience to see dozens of vintage and modern tractors, antique trucks, and behemoth-sized construction vehicles bedecked with dazzling lights rumble down Calistoga’s scenic main street.

And it’s so cool to witness how Calistoga salutes its agricultural heritage while celebrating Christmas in a splashy, festive style that everyone ā€“ even the most curmudgeonliest, “Grinchified” parade-goer ā€“ can delight in.

If you come, be sure to dress warmly (and don’t forget to grab a cup of hot chocolate to sip during the parade). We invite you to dine in Calistoga before or after the parade, and recommend you make reservations, as this is a popular time to visit this lovely, laid-back town.

For accommodation and restaurant information, go to or phone the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center toll free at (866) 306-5588.



5 Responses to “Calistoga’s Lighted Tractor Parade Dec. 4, 2010”

  1. tom at Says:

    how long does the parade normally last? Tom

  2. Says:

    Is the parade still going to happen tonight regardless if it is raining or not? There is a forecast of a 40% chance of showers tonight.

    • Calistoga Visitors Says:

      Yep, rain or starlight, the parade is a go! Interestingly,’s hour-by-hour overview for tonight is calling for a 10% chance of showers during the time the parade is rolling, then an increasing chance after the parade is over. If they’re right, it should be good parade-viewing weather.

  3. Holiday Revelers from Above « Says:

    […] Revelers from Above This past Saturday, we watched the famous (in these parts anyway) Lighted Tractor Parade from the balcony at the Calistoga […]

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